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Welcome to Devcopower’s new blog. We’re sparkies, so blogging is going to be a learning process for us; but we thought it’d be an interesting and fun new way to communicate and interact with both our existing and potential customers alike. I’m hoping the “why a blog” question will be answered as we go. My reasons are simple. I feel that all too often we go about our business without making a meaningful connection, or a connection that adds value; a value that’s over and above the services we provide. I’d like our customers to know who we are, what we stand for and why we do it. Hopefully in the process we get to know you better.

I know this would be meaningful to us as a business, but I believe that this will also add an equally important meaning personally.  Going forward I will write a series of short articles, starting with an introduction to Devcopower and the crew, followed by some “tips” type pieces, interlaced with stuff about us and the sharing of items of interest.

My plan is to keep it simple and informal, and hopefully as we get better at it, we keep you engaged. So watch this space!

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