24/7 Backup

Breakdown services and troubleshooting; form one of Devcopower’s cornerstone competencies. Due to our multidisciplinary expertise we pride ourselves in being able to resolve our client’s issues in the shortest possible time as and when they happen.

Down time is a direct threat to your profitability or efficiency, so when you have a failure in your power system, call us and we will find and resolve the problem in the fastest and safest way as is practical.

  • Generator related failures
  • UPS related failures
  • Switchboard related failures
  • Switchgear and load transfer switch related failures
  • Battery or battery charger failures
  • Emergency Diesel supply
  • Remote monitoring and alarming
  • Rental generators through our alliance partners

Generator Solutions

With more than 35 years of in-house experience we are ideally suited to meet our client’s specific requirement for backup power solutions. We offer a wide range of products from standard builds to bespoke fit for purpose solutions. Size or complexity doesn’t matter: We can build systems from as small as 20kVA to systems incorporating multiple units exceeding 2200kVA each.

Included in this suite of products are the refurbishment, repairing and upgrading of existing generator systems, both mechanically and electrically.

  • Base load generators
  • Automatic mains failure generators
  • Synchronised generator systems, including multiple generators, soft-transfer with utility, MV micro grids or generators suitable for incorporation into PV systems
  • Open generators complete with installations within plant-rooms
  • Weather proof generators in canopies or ISO containers
  • Sound attenuated generators in canopies or ISO containers
  • Exhaust systems
  • Bulk fuel storage and handling systems
  • Complex generator moving including rigging and lifting

Electrical Contracting

In keeping with our core mission statement of ensuring the security and availability of your power supply, Devcopower offers a range of electrical contracting services that together with our other products; provide our customers with a packaged solution.

Generators, UPS’s and PV systems do not function in isolation, but form part of a system of reticulation and switch gear that all function as a whole, in order to provide you with your energy requirements.

  • Switchboard manufacture
  • Switchboard repairs and upgrades
  • Switchgear upgrade and replacement
  • Cable way and cable installations
  • New installations
  • Alterations to existing installations

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance forms the foundation of any reliable system. The second of Devcopower’s cornerstone competencies, is our wide range of maintenance services. We will tailor make a preventative maintenance product to suit your needs.

  • Generator services, ranging from minor maintenance checks to full major servicing
  • Specialist services including valve clearance and governor services in conjunction with our alliance partners
  • Radiator cleaning and repairs
  • Diesel system maintenance including fuel conditioning and filtration
  • UPS maintenance
  • PV system maintenance including array cleaning
  • Load testing of generator or UPS systems utilising our in-house mobile load banks
  • Switchboard maintenance including Infra-red surveys
  • Switchgear servicing in conjunction with our alliance partners
  • Remote monitoring products and services, either via SMS or cloud-based portal

UPS Solutions

Uninterruptible Power Supplies are integral to the modern business or organisation. Not only do they bridge the gap between the failure of your Utility supply and the availability of your backup generator, they provide a clean pure sine wave power supply to the critical equipment your installation relies upon.

Devcopower will size, install and maintain an industry leading UPS system, providing our clients with total peace of mind.

  • Full range of online UPS products through our alliance partners
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance and servicing of UPS systems both in-house and through our alliance partners

Solar Power Solutions

Energy efficiency is not only becoming a financial necessity but an environmental imperative. With the cost of energy rising due to the monopolistic practices of our Utility driving up operational costs and the ever mounting evidence of the global effects of our energy needs, Devcopower strives to provide the power of our Sun to our clients in a well-engineered and implemented manner that makes financial sense.

Utilising state of the art solar harvesting software in conjunction with solid engineering practices and industry leading equipment, we will build you a scalable solution that meets your requirement.

  • Energy audits that help to define your requirement in the context of your specific environment
  • Practical solutions on implementing a solar system that integrate with your infrastructure
  • Grid tied solar generators, where the energy is harvested while you use it without the need for storage
  • Solar generators with storage, whether off grid or while grid connected, where you use and store solar energy for self-consumption
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