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Devcopower offers a suite of services that are multidisciplinary in the field

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Generator Solutions

With more than 35 years of in-house experience we are ideally suited to meet our client’s specific…


24/7 Backup

Breakdown services and troubleshooting; form one of Devcopower’s cornerstone competencies. 


Electrical Contracting

In keeping with our core mission statement of ensuring the security and availability of your power supply, …  


UPS Solutions

Uninterruptible Power Supplies are integral to the modern business or organisation. Not only do they bridge…


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance forms the foundation of any reliable system is our wide range of maintenance services.


Solar Power Solutions

Energy efficiency is not only becoming a financial necessity but an environmental imperative. With the cost of energy… 

About Devcopower

We are a dynamic electrical engineering firm that specialises in power supply infrastructure, diesel and solar generators, UPS systems, industrial reticulation and automation. Founded in 2007, Devcopower has through its philosophy of innovation and quality, managed to build a fiercely protected reputation for delivering quality products and installations with reliable aftersales service. With our energetic and skilled team, we have successfully completed and continue to support a large variety of projects. Our mission is to care about what we do, how we do it and especially for whom we do it. Devcopower will strive to provide “security of supply” products and services that matter simply because we took care in providing the solution that added value.

  • “I have used the guys from Devcopower to assist with Automation & electrical issues in the past. The service received was professional & honest”

    Riaan Rossouw Customer Service Representative Cat/Perkins/Olympian
  • Customer Feedback, regarding service delivery and response. The service was delivered on time. Quality of work is of good standard. Emergencies call outs and response are of good standards. Annual service are always on time. We will strongly recommend to others. Overall, I am satisfied as a customer of GEN/ENG/PS. Customer feedback, is always of a good standard.

    Gavin Engel General Engineering and Plant Services
  • Devcopower recently upgraded our main distribution board and installed a new generator plant for us. Generator is fully functioning automatically from our main distribution board and within a minute from power loss our generator starts up. Design and workmanship on this projects was of the highest and everything went along as planned and no production time was lost during this installation. Installation was done over a weekend and what was positive is the attitude and morale of Devcopower personnel during this installation, always smiling and cheerful even with the challenges they had to resolve during this installation – this wasn’t an easy installation due to the age of our plant and equipment. So well done Devcopower on a job well done!

    Jaco Greyling Engineering Specialist
  • As an Electrical building manager breakdowns and building efficiency is high on our list of services. Keeping the building running even in times we cannot rely on the Municipality electrical feed, our generators are our most important feature. Devcopower has shown quality and efficient services in the time of brake down callouts and servicing, doing more that requested. Whether it being standby diesel generators, Fire pumps, backup diesel water pumps or any electrical breakdown in our substations they do not disappoint in the service they provide. The Technicians are well equip with the correct knowledge so sort out any issue that arise. We have been very happy with the service and attitude we received from Devcopower and would recommend them to all.

    Hennie Visser Technical Department - Electrical
  • Devcopower are the provider of services and parts for the generators for Netcare Kuil’s River Hospitals for the last 9 years and Ceres Hospital for the last 2 years. Devcopower installed generators at the hospital and also moved a generator from another hospital to Netcare Kuil’s River Hospital. Devcopower is a reliable company that deliver on time with a friendly team that deliver highly rated workmanship. The prices for services and are marked related and of good quality. They are a hard working team that do not play around and make sure that you get a clean and well tested installation at the end.

    Edrich Lochner Technical Services Manager

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